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Nov 15, 2022

Today's Guest: Yasamin Salavatian 

Topic: Brand Communication in True You Fashion

If you're struggling to find the words to convey who you are and what you do, today's episode is for you!

We can't wait for you to meet Yasamin Salavatian, Yasi for short. She describes her expertise like this:

"I partner with you to bring words to your vision, leading you to differentiate your brand from the sea of…well, let’s face it - drab. As a Storytelling Strategist (and your Partner-in-Communication), my role willfully challenges traditional marketing rhetoric, (re)defining your messaging and positioning to fit you like a glove."

The result? You end up with a dynamic, cross-collateral, custom-made brand communication strategy that grows with you as you evolve with your business.



Looking for a little more guidance from Yasi? Here it is!

5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand from Scratch

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