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Mar 18, 2019

Today we’re visiting Jennifer Haf, owner of BLOOM in Charlevoix, Michigan to discuss:

  • how her garden grown flowers paved the way to a thriving wedding + retail flower business
  • how her business has grown and changed alongside her family life over the years
  • running a flower business in a seasonal location
  • thinking through an exit strategy for retirement
  • how she curates her retail shop
  • rebranding
  • sourcing from makers for retail
  • her interest in product development
  • her educational journey in floral design
  • her Open Book program of one-on-one learning opportunities
  • how she tackles the engineering behind the large installations she offers her clients
  • refining the 'less is more' minimalist aesthetic
  • enjoying leisure time to balance work life
  • her cutting garden and how she utilizes local farm

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