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Apr 21, 2019

Today we’re visiting Katie Noonan AIFD, owner of Noonan's Wine Country Designs in San Luis Obispo, California to discuss:

  • how her parents and their business influenced her love of flowers
  • how AIFD Symposium has been instrumental in her passion for and pursuit of floral design
  • what she did for a living while building her floral design business
  • the 2 greatest challenges she faces when designing outdoor weddings
  • the designs she refuses to sell to her clients
  • the photoshoot that propelled her business to the next level
  • the guidelines she uses when deciding whether or not to get involved in a photoshoot
  • where she finds inspiration
  • her thoughts on social media
  • how she finds work-life balance
  • scheduling time away from the business
  • the challenges of handling the business side of a floral design business
  • why she takes small deposits for weddings

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