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Sep 23, 2019

Today we’re visiting with Teresa Sabankaya, author of The Posy Book and owner of Bonny Doon Garden Company in Bonny Doon, California to discuss:

  • the 'garden fever' that led her to a career in the floral industry over 20 years ago
  • the struggles that came with adding a retail shop to her business model
  • the ins and outs of running a retail flower shop in a locally-owned grocery market
  • the two floral wedding packages she offers at Bonny Doon Garden Co
  • the inspiration behind The Posy Book
  • her fascination with the language of flowers
  • the importance of including a sentiment tag with a posy
  • how she navigated the process of writing a book
  • how she solved the challenge of using modern flower varieties that didn't yet have meanings assigned to them in her posies

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Bonny Doon Garden Co Instagram | Bonny Doon Garden Co Facebook

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