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Feb 24, 2020

Today we’re visiting with Janne Ford, owner of Janne Ford Floral Photography to discuss:

  • her transition from the fashion industry to a niche in floral styling & photography
  • why she felt a natural connection to the Instagram platform
  • the images that helped her Instagram account gain popularity
  • the opportunity that...

Feb 16, 2020

BB+ Guest:  Christine Hoover, LPC

A common question we get from designers:

"What does Imposter Syndrome look like in the floral profession? 

In this episode Christine and Amy discuss imposter syndrome and how it impacts designers. Christine give some strategies for coping with imposter syndrome including slowing down,...

Feb 10, 2020

Today we’re visiting with Ali Dahlson, Marketing Manager at Mayesh Wholesale to discuss:

  • the rich history of Mayesh Wholesale Florist
  • the opportunity that led her back to the family business from a career in interior architecture
  • how her family has expanded the business over the years to include 19 locations in 10...

Feb 5, 2020

BB+ Guest:  Natalie Gill of Native Poppy in San Diego, California

A listener from Minnesota asks: 

"How do you market your à la carte wedding flowers?" 

In this episode Natalie describes how she markets her extensive à la carte wedding flower menu and shares a few additional marketing strategies she uses in her...