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Oct 11, 2021

TODAY’S GUESTS: Corrine Heck (CEO) + Parie Donaldson (Certified Design Associate) Details Flowers Software

TOPIC: Do More and Earn More with the Help of Details Flowers Software

Details Flowers Software is a platform specifically designed to help florists and designers.  The app streamlines proposals, ensures profitability through careful attention to each arrangement, and simplifies the payment process.

Details is an elegant and easy-to-use floral design system – an absolute must-have for your floral business. The world's best designers are growing their bottom line through professional proposals and confident pricing with the all-in-one platform.  As an event designer for over 15 years, CEO Corinne Heck planned and produced over 800 events. Through her experience she identified the many challenges that come with running a floral business; challenges like over-buying, under-charging, and coordinating an abundance of floral and supply data.  The Details Flowers Software solution helps professional florists and event designers tackle these issues and more.

Join us in this episode as we talk about:

  • Why and how Corrine developed Details Flowers Software
  • Using Details for visual presentations with clients
  • Timesaving features for busy designers
  • Details documents that assist with keeping freelancers informed and organized
  • Their commitment to adding features according to clients' needs
  • Details Flowers tech support
  • Details Flowers proposal, invoice, and payment capabilities
  • Using Details templates (ex. the new Holly Chapple templates)
  • Compatibility between Details and other platforms
  • The Details Color Picker
  • Utilizing the Collections feature
  • Using Details for retail and holiday sales
  • The beautiful community-over-competition backstory to the friendship Corrine and Parie share

Membership to Details Flowers is $150 a month for 2 users or $1500 a year.




BB Podcast Listeners can use CODE: BB2021 for 20% off a one year subscription. You'll need to create an account, log in, and enter a credit card number, BUT your credit card won't be charged until the end of your 7-day free trial.

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Host: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha)

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Music Written & Performed by: Landon McGee