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Feb 21, 2022

Today we’re visiting with Hannah Brannan, owner of California-based Gather Flora — a platform for farmers, florists, grocers, and resellers that provides the tools you need to connect your business to flower sales in a streamlined, local, and even more sustainable way. Join us as we talk with Hannah about:

  • finding inspiration in her grandmother's Texas garden
  • incorporating her non-profit translation and software skill sets into her floral career
  • striving to make global impact a part of her business
  • how the Gather Flora software works
  • the significance of having a physical location in the San Francisco Flower Market
  • the values that guide her decision making process at Gather Flora
  • how she learned to do only what her company does best while finding industry peers who can handle the rest
  • the impact of a tool like Gather Flora on US flower farms
  • Gather Flora's expansion into the LA Flower District



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