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Nov 25, 2019

Today we’re visiting with Lorna Stuart Trainor, owner of A Room in Bloom located in Athlone, Ireland to discuss:

  • her winding career path from archaeology to floristry
  • how she decided it was time to take a leap and open her own retail flower shop
  • the loneliness of being a business owner and how she has overcome it
  • the conversation which led her to rethink her business model
  • her transition from retail florist to by-appointment only event florist
  • customer reactions to her business model shift
  • the value of both hiring freelancers and working as a freelancer
  • handling the expectations of clients
  • the special bond she's created with two of her industry peers, Jenny and Sylvia
  • the weekend she won two awards for her wedding florals and...Rugby Player of the Year!

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