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Jun 24, 2020


Natalie Gill, owner of Native Poppy flower delivery | San Diego, CA (2 retail locations: South Park & Solana Beach)

TOPIC: Finding Your Mojo

A Botanical Brouhaha Podcast listener wrote to us asking for Natalie Gill's advice. The UK designer wrote: "How do you find your mojo when it's hiding?" After a...

Jun 11, 2020


Maria Maxit | Maxit Flower Design

TOPIC: Profitability

Former BB Podcast co-host, Maria Maxit dropped by for a visit recently (via Zoom, of course) and we had fun catching up on what's happened at Maxit Flower Design since she last sat in the co-host chair. As we visited,  she shared about her decision...

Jun 3, 2020


Joseph Massie | Joseph Massie Flowers + Joseph Massie at the UK School of Floristry 

TOPIC: Working Through A Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down his city, Joseph Massie got to work figuring out how to handle the sudden halt of business cash flow due to wedding postponements, class...