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Oct 29, 2018

Today we’re sitting down with Janelle Wylie, owner of  Lavenders Flowers & Tono + Co in Santa Ana, California, to discuss:

  • how she transitioned her career path from speech pathology to floral design
  • the impact Larry from Craig’s List has had on her career
  • why and how she rebranded Lavenders Flowers
  • how her degree in studio art taught her resourcefulness and helped her build a network of artistic colleagues
  • her Bohemian lifestyle while going to college and running a business during the early years
  • her unusual college graduation day
  • why she likens the floral industry to an accordion
  • her  uniquely qualified team
  • the importance of having a business-minded team member to counterbalance the artistic approach of a designer
  • how she keeps her team inspired
  • how she learned to dye silk
  • how she keeps up with inventory
  • her interest in the psychology of color

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