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Oct 7, 2019

Today we’re visiting with Lindsay Diminick, owner of Yellow Twist Floral Design in Portland, Maine and cancer survivor/emergency plan educator to discuss:

  • her roundabout academic and career journey which circled back to the love of floral design she'd had since she was a teen
  • the gift of moving and getting to restart a business and what she did with that opportunity
  • how she utilized her time in cancer treatment to work on her business plan for Yellow Twist's relaunch in a new city
  • coming back to floral design after cancer treatment with intention and mindfulness
  • how she's made space in her life to honor what she's been through
  • her belief that having a contingency plan creates choices for a designer during an emergency
  • how a contingency plan showcases professionalism and builds trust with clients

Important teachers Lindsay credits for her ongoing floral design education:

See more of Lindsay’s work here:

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Lindsay's Contingency Planning Worksheet


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