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May 23, 2022

TODAY’S GUEST: Joseph Massie

TODAY'S TOPIC: Becoming a Published Author

  You're in for a treat! In this episode, Joseph shares behind-the-scenes details of the making of his new book, The Flower School. From writing a book proposal and finding an agent, to working with a publisher, choosing content, and designing a book cover, Joseph is candid about the process. And, if you know anything about Joseph, you know he brings a bit of humor to every conversation. Joseph says he wrote this first book with his 16 year old self in mind — remembering when he was starting out and needed a comprehensive floristry guide that he could actually afford. He's hoping it'll serve you well!

A Message from Joseph:

"My life to date has been a chequer board of experiences. On one hand there are my doggedly pursued goals, hard fought and hard won, and on the other, the bright, glittering opportunities which I’ve been deeply lucky to have fall into my life. How else can I explain how my very first job would spark something within me and lead on to  enjoy the most enriching of careers? The journey I’ve taken I cannot wholly take credit for - it’s certainly not all down to me - although I could be painted as a far more dynamic maverick if I were to lead you to that conclusion.

It is my hope that this book falls into the latter category for you, as something bright and glittering, which will fall into a space on your lap, your book shelf or your coffee table, and lead you to find some wonderful, beautiful things. I hope it will light up something within you, and help you cultivate creativity, and beauty, and joy and more.

This book, my first, is much more for you than it is for me. Use it well; make everything beautiful.

I really, really hope you love it."

Mentioned in This Episode:

The Flower School takes you by the hand and expertly guides you step-by-step through design principles and twenty-five floral projects to empower you to create your own gorgeous floral arrangements for your home, gatherings, celebrations and for pleasure.

Host: Amy McGee (Founder: Botanical Brouhaha + Bloom Trust Co.)

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